Sunday, June 29, 2014

2015 Toyota Aygo, Unique and New Look

2015 Toyota Aygo was known by public from the event of Geneva Motor Show. How is design of that car? The car applies design of “J-Playful “. Of course, the car brings the concept of both youthful and modern car. The design will appreciate Japanese culture as manufacturer of the car so it is so strong and good shapes. In the front of car will be completed by utilizing recognizable X-form. Majority people believe that design of that car was inspired from the eyes of Manga Comic characters. The elegant design of the car can be obtained by two vertical light clusters. Are you ready to drive this sporty car? Ok, let’s see the next post about specification, features and engine.

Specifications, Features and Engine     
The car is completed by utilizing comport seats for driver and passengers because the car applies nice concept to do it. Moreover, the car will also apply five-door plan, two for driver and one passenger and there for passengers who seat in the middle and back rows. The car is suitable to fulfill your need in traveling together with your small family. Although, you will go out to long distance; you will be still great because the car can gives the comfort.

For making great multimedia features, the car will be completed by utilizing a 7-inch central touch screen in the front of driver position. By using this tool, you will be easy to browse the valuable information that relates to situation and condition when you are driving the car. Furthermore, you will be also offered “MirrorLink” that can be connected via a Smartphone so you will be easy to connect and access online sites and much information needed.